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Genealogists divide descent into exact lineage (family trees) and one of family tradition. Some families have an oral tradition of saying they are of Davidic descent, and the knowledge of this lineage has been handed down through the generations, just as knowledge of whether or not the father is a Cohen, Levi or Israelite is handed down from father to son. Similarly, rabbinic sources and historical data are helpful in determining lineage.

Well over 100 generations have passed since the time of King David and there are some well-known family names that trace their ancestry back to his dynasty. There might be hundreds, even thousands, of family names that can legitimately trace their family line back to King David..

It is only through oral tradition, rabbinic sources, historical data and or extensive research that one can determine if he/she is indeed a descendant of King David (David HaMelech).

Research on families of Davidic descent is ongoing. In the event that you have the family tradition of being a descendant of King David, please let us know!

If you have already put together your family tree showing descent from David Hamelech, please forward us the family tree and accompanying information so we can include you in the Davidic family. If you have already posted your information on the Internet, just email us the link at