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The Davidic Dynasty is dedicated to honoring the history, lineage and heritage of the royal line of King David, the king who united twelve tribes into the nation of Israel. Virtually every royal house in Europe, including the Windsor’s of England, traces itself as descendants of the House of David.

Jewish liturgy and Christian sources are replete with references about the rebuilding of the House of David. The Davidic Dynasty envisions itself as an essential conduit and facilitator in the rebuilding of the House of David and the reunification of descendants of this royal line.

Founded in 2000 by Susan J. Roth, the Davidic Dynasty is a project of the Eshet Chayil Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Today, the Davidic Dynasty is guided by a core group of dedicated professionals and Davidic descendants. Susan has impressive credentials in the Jewish nonprofit world including leadership positions in the Central New Jersey Holocaust Committee, the Central New Jersey YM-YWHA, and the Central New Jersey Jewish Federation. Both an author and a publisher, Susan Roth has dedicated her life to honoring the memory and legacy of King David and to documenting his genealogy.