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The Davidic Dynasty is interested in helping establish a DNA link for the descendants of the Davidic Dynasty.


In 1997 a remarkable DNA/genealogical breakthrough was made in the field of Jewish ancestry. In a cooperative research effort by Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, the University College of London and the University of Arizona, a common DNA signature was found in the present day ‘Kohanim.’

The participants, all ‘Kohanim,’ had the oral tradition of being descendants of the first High Priest of Israel, Aharon (Aaron, brother of Moses). 60% of the Sephardic Jews and 50% of the Ashkenazi Jews shared a common DNA signature, proving they were indeed descendants of the Biblical figure Aharon.

Davidic Descendants

Dr. Chaim Luria has been involved in family genealogical research since 2000. He is the administrator for the Luria DNA Research group on FamilytreeDNA.com. He is also the administrator of the Luria Worldwide Genealogical Project and is a frequent lecturer at Israel Genealogical Society meetings.

Dr. Luria presented approaches to Genealogical Research and the Genealogy of King David to the Davidic Dynasty in November 2011. He provided information on DNA Studies and Genealogy and DNA in Luria Family Research and Davidic Dynasty Research and DNA Studies.

In order to gather more information and find a genetic link among the descendants of King David, information and DNA samples must be gathered. The best type of test to determine paternal descendancy is the Y_DNA (67 Marker). We encourage those who have a documented father to son descendancy from King David to go to FamilyTreeDNA.com and take this Y-DNA test. This test should only be taken by males who have a documented male only connection to King David. This test will also help to define how males today are connected genetically to King David.

Both men and women may also consider taking the mtDNA.

The combination test allows men to trace their heredity from their paternal and maternal side. Women, who have no Y chromosome, can only utilize the mtDNA test. However, women are encouraged to have their immediate male relations tested so that we can utilize the Y chromosome information from their family line. For more detailed information on the specific DNA tests go to http://www.familytreedna.com/description.html

To join our DNA test pool or for more information contact the Family Tree DNA website at http://www.familytreedna.com/surname_join.asp?code=E43088&special=true .

For answers to frequently asked questions on DNA research and Family Tree DNA go to http://www.familytreedna.com/faq.html .

Your results will be compared to not only the Davidic Dynasty DNA database but the Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Mizrachi databases held by Family Tree DNA.

Davidic Dynasty is not responsible for DNA testing. Individuals who choose to participate in such testing do so at their own risk with the understanding that the “Davidic Dynasty” takes no responsibility for the administration or results of such testing.