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Rabbinic Families

Not all of the links are necessarily connected with King David, but they include links to many families of interest, which may have Davidic relationships.

An explanation of the Tribes of Israel.

The Rabbinic Genealogy Special Interest Group (SIG) is a forum for those interested in rabbinic genealogy or researching rabbinic ancestry. Features include an Online Journal, a Bibliography of over 300 resources for rabbinic genealogical research, Infofiles for tutorials and reference information on many aspects of rabbinic genealogy, Research Groups, Links to web sites of significance to rabbinic genealogy researchers, and more. Projects under development include FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the All Rabbis Database. Most of the text of Chaim Freedman’s “Beit Rabbanan, Sources of Rabbinical Genealogy” is included on the site.

The Lurie Legacy: The House of Davidic Royal Descent by Neil Rosenstein. Compiles the sources for Rashi (and hence Davidic) descent of major rabbinic families through the Luria (Lurie) family. The Lurie family is a very ancient family, tracing its roots back through Rashi and Hillel to King David. The book is a comprehensive study of the Lurie/Luria family that includes 45 pages of family trees showing the relationship of the Lurie family to such other families as Epstein, Eskeles, Heilprin, Isserles, Katzenellenbogen, Margolit, Meisel, Mendelssohn, Pereira, Weidenfeld and Wulff. The text portion of the book is filled with the history of the Lurie family, critical analysis of previous works about the family and legends by family members penned in the 19th century. More than 60 documents of the Lurie family illustrate the book, the earliest dating back to the 16th century.

Berdugo Family – http://www.jackwhite.net/berdugo/berdugo_family_origins.htm

Charlap-Yahya Organization: Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Israel. A Jewish genealogical organization and research initiative comprised of well over 17,000 entries, 7,000 of which are living and current members; this extended family spans multiple continents and hundreds of years. The name of the organization originates with the first Ser, the son of Abraham Charlap, born circa 1740. At the time, Charlap was not a surname but an honorary title; an acronym consisting of four Hebrew letters, standing for “Chief Sage of the Exile in Poland.” The Charlaps are a distinguished rabbinic dynasty, whose yichus is well established. They stem from the Ibn Yahya (Don Yahya) rabbis of Spain and Portugal and before that go back to the Exilarchs in Babylonia and Persia.

Loeb Tree: A very extensive site including many early Davidic links and providing extensive on-line genealogical charts of rabbinic families. See the site for a full list of the families.

The family of Rabbi Yehudah Loew, The Maharal of Prague, c.1525-1609, which claims male descent from King David. Recent research of tombstones in the Prague cemetery requires restudy of this claim. David Dynasty will publish an article on the subject.

Descendants of Rabbi Yekhezkel (Ezekiel) Landau 1713-1793 , Chief Rabbi of Prague, known as the “Noda Beyehudah”. Extensive links to many rabbinic families.

Biographical articles and obituaries about rabbis from both recent and past generations.

Shealtiel – Details of one of the major families, Shealtiel, which claims direct male descent from King David. http://charlap.org/ Details of one of the major families, Charlap, which claims direct male descent from King David.

Baal Shem-Tov: Presents a family tree of the Baal Shem Tov, his families and students.

The Rizhin Chassidic Dynasty claims descent from King David.

The Heymann Family Genealogy listed here dates from the Kingdom of ancient Israel through the Exilarch / Gaonim of Babylonian Talmudic academies of Sura and Pumbedita to Portugal and the Idon Jachia, Dinis, De Milao, Abensur, then to the Henriques families in Germany through to the present day Heymanns. Listed are also other families that interconnect (Goldschmidt, Oppenheimer, Loew, Bacharach) and go back in detail to the 9th Century (with some theory of links back to King David).

The Horowitz Families Association was set up in order to collect and document information about the Horowitzes and the connections between the various family branches.

Horowitz – Research of various Horowitz families.

Many Jaffes claim that they can trace their decent from Rabbi Mordecai Jaffe of Prague (1530-1612) and his uncle, Rabbi Moses Jaffe, who claimed their ancestry to Samuel ben Elchanan, great-grandson of Rashi, and from the latter to King David. The link to Rashi requires restudy.

Lipshitz family with links to many families.

Berliner Schlank Family Tree claiming descent from Rashi.

Additional sites will be added. David Dynasty invites viewers of the site to suggest links.