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Documents and Photographs

This section contains examples of family trees, manuscripts, genealogical citations in books and photographs of people, places and tombstones.

1) Luria ancient family tree.
Ancient Luria family tree dating from the mid-16th century and updated progressively by descendants. This version was written in 1895 in Mogilev, Belarus, and updated in 1962 in Amsterdam, Holland. From the genealogy collection of the late Rabbi Shmuel Gorr, Jerusalem, held
by Chaim Freedman.”

2) Don Yechia tapestry of family tree.
Ancient family tree of the Don Yechia family, written in 1707. Preserved on a tapestry in the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, photographed by Benny Don Yechia, Israel for Chaim Freedman.

3) Shlomo Luria “Maharshal” 1510-1573 Responsa #29.

Gives details ancestry of Rashi, Luria Kalonymus families.

4) Photographs of Descendants of King David