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1) “Beit Rabbanan, Souces of Rabbinical Genealogy”, Chaim Freedman, Israel, 2001.

 List of Hebrew books which, although not genealogical in nature, have genealogical material, usually about the family of the author. Prepared by Rabbi Avishai Elboim, Chief Librarian, Rambam Library, Beit Ariella, Tel Aviv, Israel.

3) List of books written by Rabbi Dr. Yitskhak Alfassi, authority on Chassidic families as detailed in a letter from Rabbi Alfassi (translated from Hebrew):

2nd Nisan 5765
Dear Mr. Freedman

Willingly I join the organization “Davidic Dynasty” and the advisors to this worthy project and will provide you with every possible assistance.

I direct your attention to the genealogy books which I published on the Eliash family, the Ashkenazi-Rabinovitch family, the Heiprin family.

Yitskhak Alfassi