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These charts present the principal lines descended from King David. They do not include all descendants but enable connections to be traced. The charts are arranged such that summary charts precede more detailed expansions of families in subsequent charts.The relationships shown are derived from a consensus of the sources which may vary as to the exact relationships. In some cases several generations may be unidentified and descent is based on tradition or genealogical-mathematical calculation of the most likely relationships. Books in the Bibliography provide explanations for these various theories.Some of the critical genealogical research of Rabbi Shlomo Englard (Bnei Brak, Israel) has been incorporated in these charts.

Spelling of names:
Most names are transcribed from Hebrew using a convention where the letters “Khet” or “Khaf” are written as “kh” rather than the common “ch” which might be confused with the English pronunciation such as in the word “Catch”. Exceptions are common usage such “Charlap” instead of “Kharlap”; “Chassidim” instead of “Khassidim”.
These genealogical charts were researched and prepared by Chaim Freedman.List of Charts:
1) Ancestry of King David
2) David Monarchy
3) Principal lines descended from King David
4) Exilarchs, Gaonim and Rabbis – descendants of Zerubavel
5) Descent of Rashi from Hillel and King David
6) Rashi’s Family Circle
7) Rashi Key Chart 
8) Treves, Shapira, Luria links
10) Treves Family
11) Luria Family
12) Katzenellenbogen Family
13) Ancestry of the Vilna Gaon
14) Shapira
15) Everels Altshuler
16) Shrentzels
17) Isserles
18) Meizels
19) Lipshitz
Family trees provided by other researchers.1) Dayan of Aleppo
An extrapolation of the Genealogy that appears in the introduction of “Yashir Moshe” written by Rabbi Moshe Dayan of Aleppo in 1879
Prepared by Mitch Dayan (Skokie Illinois, USA) and reproduced with his permission
For a clear view see
2) Ancestors and Descendants of Rabbi Nakhman of Breslov prepared by the
Breslov World Center
3) Shaltiel/Shealtiel family tree – early generations descended from the
Exilarch Bustanai . Prepared by Moshe Shaltiel-Gracian ( Chicago, USA) and
reproduced with his permission
Selected personalities descended from King David through Rashi.
1) Susan Roth